Openstack cloud type.

class, timestamp_suffix=True, config_file: Union[pathlib.Path, _io.StringIO] = None, *, network=None)[source]


Openstack cloud class.

__init__(tag, timestamp_suffix=True, config_file: Union[pathlib.Path, _io.StringIO] = None, *, network=None)[source]

Initialize the connection to openstack.

Requires valid pre-configured environment variables or clouds.yaml. See

  • tag – Name of instance
  • timestamp_suffix – bool set True to append a timestamp suffix to the tag
  • config_file – path to pycloudlib configuration file
  • network – Name of the network to use (from openstack network list)

Create and set a ssh key pair for a cloud instance.

Returns:A tuple containing the public and private key created
daily_image(release, **kwargs)[source]

Not supported for openstack.


Delete an image.

Parameters:image_id – string, id of the image to delete
get_instance(instance_id) → pycloudlib.openstack.instance.OpenstackInstance[source]

Get an instance by id.

Parameters:instance_id – ID of instance to get
Returns:An instance object to use to manipulate the instance further.

Find the image serial of the latest daily image for a particular release.

Parameters:image_id – string, Ubuntu image id
Returns:string, serial of latest image
launch(image_id, instance_type='m1.small', user_data='', wait=True, **kwargs) → pycloudlib.openstack.instance.OpenstackInstance[source]

Launch an instance.

  • image_id – string, image ID to use for the instance
  • instance_type – string, type (flavor) of instance to create
  • user_data – used by cloud-init to run custom scripts/configuration
  • wait – wait for instance to be live
  • **kwargs – dictionary of other arguments to pass to launch

An instance object to use to manipulate the instance further.


List ssh key names present on the cloud for accessing instances.

Returns:A list of strings of key pair names accessible to the cloud.
released_image(release, **kwargs)[source]

Not supported for openstack.

snapshot(instance, clean=True, **kwargs)[source]

Snapshot an instance and generate an image from it.

  • instance – Instance to snapshot
  • clean – run instance clean method before taking snapshot

An image id

use_key(public_key_path, private_key_path=None, name=None)[source]

Use an existing key.

  • public_key_path – path to the public key to upload
  • private_key_path – path to the private key
  • name – name to reference key by