Maintainer Notes

Merge Checklist


Release Checklist

  1. Run all example tests

    Verify no regressions and all examples continue to work to ensure correct API calls.

    git checkout master
    make venv
    . venv/bin/activate
    make install

    If there are any failures, stop and resolve.

  2. Update with new release number

    Use modified version of Semantic Versioning:

    • major release is for each new year (2019 –> 19.x, 2020 –> 20.x)
    • minor release for new features/functionality
    • patch release for bug fixes

    Some example scenarios are below

    18.2.1 -> 18.2.2 for a bug fix
    18.2.1 -> 18.3 for a new feature
    18.2.1 -> 19.1 for a new year
    19.1 -> 19.1.1 for a bug fix
    19.1 -> 19.2 for a new feature
    19.1 -> 20.1 for a new year
  3. Update docs/ with commits since last release

    Add the lines since last release to docs/ under a new heading for the new release

    git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit
  4. Build Docs

    Verify the docs and API pages still build. As well as any new pages.

    pushd docs
    make deps
    make build
  5. Run tox

  6. Push to PyPI

    make publish
  7. Push to Git

    git commit -am "Release X.Y.Z"
    git push
  8. Update Read The Docs

    curl -X POST -d "token=$API_TOKEN"