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# This file is part of pycloudlib. See LICENSE file for license information.
"""GCE Cloud type.

This is an initial implimentation of the GCE class. It enables
authentication into the cloud, finding an image, and launching an
instance. It however, does not allow any further actions from occuring.

import logging
import os
import time
from itertools import count

import googleapiclient.discovery

from import BaseCloud
from pycloudlib.config import ConfigFile
from pycloudlib.gce.util import raise_on_error, get_credentials
from pycloudlib.gce.instance import GceInstance
from pycloudlib.util import subp


[docs]class GCE(BaseCloud): """GCE Cloud Class.""" _type = 'gce'
[docs] def __init__( self, tag, timestamp_suffix=True, config_file: ConfigFile = None, *, credentials_path=None, project=None, region=None, zone=None, service_account_email=None ): """Initialize the connection to GCE. Args: tag: string used to name and tag resources with timestamp_suffix: bool set True to append a timestamp suffix to the tag config_file: path to pycloudlib configuration file credentials_path: path to credentials file for GCE project: GCE project region: GCE region zone: GCE zone service_account_email: service account to bind launched instances to """ super().__init__(tag, timestamp_suffix, config_file) self._log.debug('logging into GCE') self.credentials_path = '' if credentials_path: self.credentials_path = credentials_path elif 'GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS' in os.environ: self.credentials_path = os.environ[ 'GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS'] elif 'credentials_path' in self.config: self.credentials_path = self.config['credentials_path'] credentials = get_credentials(self.credentials_path) if not project: if 'project' in self.config: project = self.config['project'] elif "GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT" in os.environ: project = os.environ["GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT"] else: command = ['gcloud', 'config', 'get-value', 'project'] exception_text = ( "Could not obtain GCE project id. Set it in the " "pycloudlib config or setup the gcloud cli." ) try: result = subp(command, rcs=()) except FileNotFoundError as e: raise Exception(exception_text) from e if not result.ok: exception_text += '\nstdout: {}\nstderr: {}'.format( result.stdout, result.stderr) raise Exception(exception_text) project = result.stdout # disable cache_discovery due to: # self.compute = 'compute', 'v1', cache_discovery=False, credentials=credentials, ) region = region or self.config.get('region') or 'us-west2' zone = zone or self.config.get('zone') or 'a' self.project = project self.region = region = '%s-%s' % (region, zone) self.instance_counter = count() self.service_account_email = service_account_email or self.config.get( 'service_account_meail')
def _find_image(self, release, daily, arch='amd64'): images = self._image_list(release, daily, arch) image_id = images[0]['id'] return 'projects/ubuntu-os-cloud-devel/global/images/%s' % image_id
[docs] def released_image(self, release, arch='amd64'): """ID of the latest released image for a particular release. Args: release: The release to look for arch: string, architecture to use Returns: A single string with the latest released image ID for the specified release. """ return self.daily_image(release, arch)
[docs] def daily_image(self, release, arch='amd64'): """Find the id of the latest image for a particular release. Args: release: string, Ubuntu release to look for arch: string, architecture to use Returns: string, path to latest daily image """ self._log.debug('finding daily Ubuntu image for %s', release) return self._find_image(release, daily=True, arch=arch)
[docs] def image_serial(self, image_id): """Find the image serial of the latest daily image for a particular release. Args: image_id: string, Ubuntu image id Returns: string, serial of latest image """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def delete_image(self, image_id): """Delete an image. Args: image_id: string, id of the image to delete """ api_image_id = self.compute.images().get( project=self.project, image=os.path.basename(image_id) ).execute()['id'] response = self.compute.images().delete( project=self.project, image=api_image_id, ).execute() raise_on_error(response)
[docs] def get_instance(self, instance_id, name=None): """Get an instance by id. Args: instance_id: The instance ID returned upon creation Returns: An instance object to use to manipulate the instance further. """ return GceInstance(self.key_pair, instance_id, self.project,, self.credentials_path, name=name)
[docs] def launch(self, image_id, instance_type='n1-standard-1', user_data=None, wait=True, **kwargs): """Launch instance on GCE and print the IP address. Args: image_id: string, image ID for instance to use instance_type: string, instance type to launch user_data: string, user-data to pass to instance wait: boolean, wait for instance to come up kwargs: other named arguments to add to instance JSON """ instance_name = 'i{}-{}'.format(next(self.instance_counter), self.tag) config = { 'name': instance_name, 'machineType': 'zones/%s/machineTypes/%s' % (, instance_type ), 'disks': [{ 'boot': True, 'autoDelete': True, 'initializeParams': { 'sourceImage': image_id, } }], 'networkInterfaces': [{ 'network': 'global/networks/default', 'accessConfigs': [ {'type': 'ONE_TO_ONE_NAT', 'name': 'External NAT'} ] }], "metadata": { "items": [{ "key": "ssh-keys", "value": "ubuntu:%s" % self.key_pair.public_key_content, }] }, } if self.service_account_email: config["serviceAccounts"] = [ { "email": self.service_account_email } ] if user_data: user_metadata = { 'key': 'user-data', 'value': user_data } config['metadata']['items'].append(user_metadata) operation = self.compute.instances().insert( project=self.project,, body=config ).execute() raise_on_error(operation) result = self.compute.instances().get( project=self.project,, instance=instance_name, ).execute() raise_on_error(result) instance = self.get_instance(result['id'], name=result['name']) if wait: self._wait_for_operation(operation, operation_type='zone') instance.wait() return instance
[docs] def snapshot(self, instance: GceInstance, clean=True, **kwargs): """Snapshot an instance and generate an image from it. Args: instance: Instance to snapshot clean: run instance clean method before taking snapshot Returns: An image id """ response = self.compute.disks().list( project=self.project, ).execute() instance_disks = [ disk for disk in response['items'] if disk['name'] == ] if len(instance_disks) > 1: raise Exception( "Snapshotting an image with multiple disks not supported") instance.shutdown() snapshot_name = '{}-image'.format( operation = self.compute.images().insert( project=self.project, body={ 'name': snapshot_name, 'sourceDisk': instance_disks[0]['selfLink'], } ).execute() raise_on_error(operation) self._wait_for_operation(operation) return 'projects/{}/global/images/{}'.format( self.project, snapshot_name)
def _image_list(self, release, daily, arch='amd64'): """Find list of images with a filter. Args: release: string, Ubuntu release to look for arch: string, architecture to use Returns: list of dictionaries of images """ filters = [ 'arch=%s' % arch, 'endpoint=%s' % '', 'region=%s' % self.region, 'release=%s' % release, 'virt=kvm' ] return self._streams_query(filters, daily) def _wait_for_operation(self, operation, operation_type='global', sleep_seconds=300): response = None kwargs = { 'project': self.project, 'operation': operation['name'] } if operation_type == 'zone': kwargs['zone'] = api = self.compute.zoneOperations() else: api = self.compute.globalOperations() for _ in range(sleep_seconds): try: response = api.get(**kwargs).execute() except ConnectionResetError: # This exception is known to be raised by GCE every so often: # response = { "status": "ConnectionResetError", "statusMessage": "n/a", } else: if response['status'] == 'DONE': break time.sleep(1) else: raise Exception( 'Expected DONE state, but found {} after waiting {} seconds. ' 'Check GCE console for more details. \n' 'Status message: {}'.format( response['status'], sleep_seconds, response['statusMessage'] ) )