Source code for pycloudlib.config

"""Deal with configuration file."""
import logging
import os
from io import StringIO
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, MutableMapping, Union

import toml

# Order matters here. Local should take precedence over global.

ConfigFile = Union[Path, StringIO]
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Config(dict): """Override dict to allow raising a more meaningful KeyError.""" def __getitem__(self, key): """Provide more meaningful KeyError on access.""" try: return super().__getitem__(key) except KeyError: raise KeyError( "{} must be defined in pycloudlib.toml to make this " "call".format(key) ) from None
[docs]def parse_config( config_file: ConfigFile = None ) -> MutableMapping[str, Any]: """Find the relevant TOML, load, and return it.""" possible_configs = [] if config_file: possible_configs.append(config_file) if os.environ.get('PYCLOUDLIB_CONFIG'): possible_configs.append(Path(os.environ['PYCLOUDLIB_CONFIG'])) possible_configs.extend(CONFIG_PATHS) for path in possible_configs: try: config = toml.load(path, _dict=Config) log.debug("Loaded configuration from %s", path) return config except FileNotFoundError: continue except toml.TomlDecodeError as e: raise ValueError( "Could not parse configuration file pointed to by " "{}".format(path) ) from e raise ValueError( "No configuration file found! Copy pycloudlib.toml.template to " "~/.config/pycloudlib.toml or /etc/pycloudlib.toml" )